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*Note: Current XC League closes on October 31st 2023

Typical XC Flights – Lumby

Scenario 1: A pilot launches at Cooper’s and flies to Rawlin’s Cliffs (the black line below). The pilot then flies to Camel’s Hump (red line), and then on to Cherryville (orange line). If the pilot lands there, this flight would be scored as an open-distance (OD) flight.

Scenario 2: On the same flight, the same pilot, instead of landing at Cherryville, attempts to fly back to Cooper’s. The pilot sinks out at the base of Camel’s Hump (the blue line below). This flight would be scored as an out-and-return (OR) flight since the “return” portion was greater than 50% of the “out” distance (but barely).

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