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Sponsor Disclaimer

Our sponsors operate independently from the West Coast Soaring Club. We are not responsible for any arrangement, services, or goods you may obtain from them. Our sponsor links on this page will take you to our sponsor’s websites. We do not vouch for the content or security of any of our sponsor’s sites.

 The West Coast Soaring Club has an active and highly engaged membership base! At over 180 current members, it has a significant reach in the free flight community in British Columbia.

We’re pleased to welcome support from sponsors to help connect our members with relevant gear, products, and services. Below are the places where sponsors can expect to appear.

  • Your logo, linked to your website, will appear on the WCSC homepage, as well as here on the sponsorship page
  • Direct referrals from the general public who contact the WCSC looking for tandems, lessons, or gear (we get a surprising amount of inquiries!)
  • Web advertising on the WCSC Forum (840px X 90px). 
  • Event Sponsorship – on banners, posters, or other paraphernalia on an event-by-event basis

Who you’ll be reaching

The demographics of West Coast Soaring Club members, and users of the website are affluent, educated, and mature (in age anyway). Most are passionate about flying, and spend their time and resources pursuing gear, travel, competitions, opportunities to be better pilots, and hunting for the perfect flyable day.

How much is sponsorship?

General sponsorship is $100 / year. You will receive everything listed in the previous description.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

General sponsors will have the opportunity for add-on opportunities, such as being the sponsor for one of our monthly newsletters, and more. We’re sorting out the finer details of what that looks like, and current sponsors can expect an update shortly. Have another idea of how we can work together? Contact us at and let’s have a conversation!

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Our mission is to create safe places for free flight pilots to launch and land. To encourage education, training and community support to nurture novice pilots into master pilots. To develop sustainable environmental improvements in the communities where we live, work and play.