Thermal Maps and Skyways

Below you will find the Thermal.kk7 Project. The Thermal.kk7 Project was created by Micael Von kanel (aka Michi) and a link to the origianl project can be found here.The thermal.kk7 project is a set of tools to help paragliding pilots of all skill levels improve their flight performance. The tools provide valuable visual data overlayed on a map to help you analyze the past flights of other pilots. It will help you understand what routes pilots typically fly and where they usually find thermic lift.Creating and keeping this app updated is a lengthy, manual process requiring months of time, weeks of running hot CPU’s and plenty of hosting power to deliver. Michi will continue to deliver this app free of charge under an open license, please help aid in covering the hardware costs, server, disks, beers, gliders,… happy landings!

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Our mission is to create safe places for free flight pilots to launch and land. To encourage education, training and community support to nurture novice pilots into master pilots. To develop sustainable environmental improvements in the communities where we live, work and play.