BC Cross Country League

BC XC League 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 BC XC League is open*

*Note: Current XC League closes on October 31st 2021


This is an informal competition for both hang- and paraglider pilots whereby pilots can submit XC flights flown in BC to the West Coast Soaring Club database.
At the end of the XC season (October 31st.), the total cumulative scores for all flights will be calculated, and the winners decided. The best feature of this contest is the handicap system which evens the playing field significantly.



Our objective is that this competition be simple and fun. We would also like to promote HPAC and local club membership (wherever you live in BC), and see this as a way of giving another benefit to the province’s pilots.  Hopefully it will also encourage more pilots to go XC!


You do not need to be a WCSC member to participate in this competition (unless you’re flying WCSC sites, of course).  However, all participants must have HPAC, and must have fulfilled the requirements of the particular flying site (paid site access fees, landing fees, signed waivers, etc).  All flights must take place completely within British Columbia.

There is
no entry fee.  Each year, the WCSC allocates $300 as initial prize money. Any prize money that is not paid out for the previous year (winners opt to donate their prize money back into the pot) is added, and that becomes the prize pot for the current year. Pilots and other organizations can also donate additional monies into the pot. Basically, the top 8 winners will split a pot of
donations.  See the “Prizes” section
below for all the details.

Here’s how the flying works:

Fly XC from a site in BC (any site in BC counts).   An XC flight is any flight of at least 10 km (submitted flights of less than 10 km will be deleted from the database).  The link to log your flights will be at the top of this page.
If you are not already in the database from previous years you’ll need to register first (free!).  Fill in the fields on the submission form to submit the flight.

You are allowed to submit as many XC flights as you wish.  Flights must be submitted within 4 weeks of the date of flight.  At the end of the XC season, the scores from your 5 best flights will be counted for your overall score.  Submitted flights must be verifiable.  There are two ways, in order of preference:

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