Woodside Road Update

May 31, 2021

Woodside road

Over the last couple of seasons, the Mt. Woodside FSR (Forest Service Road) condition has deteriorated significantly, to the current state which is nearly impassable except to the more adventurous drivers.

Unfortunately, the maintenance of crown land FSR’s is anything but simple or inexpensive and the forestry company permitted to maintain the FSR ‘decommissioned’ it long ago. This means that the road is only maintained to a ‘wilderness level’ which does not ensure reliable road vehicle access.

While the WCSC has been working towards possible solutions, including persuading/paying for the forestry company to restore some access and our own maintenance agreement with the District of Chilliwack, we’ve had little success thus far despite our initial optimism earlier this year. Rest assured we’re still working on it, however, and hope that the next time it is ‘recommissioned’ we’ll be able to negotiate a more favorable long-term arrangement with the forestry company to keep our launch access from eating vehicles.

In the meantime, if anyone has any expertise in FSR/crown land permitting, please reach out to any WCSC board member.