Photo of the Month is back!  #WCSCPhoto

james elliott

We’re doing this! Again. Why? Because everyone has a great shot of someone paragliding or hang gliding. and who doesn’t love looking at flying porn? Plus, it’s a great way to inspire when we’re not able to fly. Here’s how it’s works – a little different from last time.

There are 4 ways to submit!

  1. Instagram: Post your photo with the hashtag #WCSCPhoto or tag us @westcoastsoaringclub
  2. FaceBook: Tag us, or share it with us (West Coast Soaring Club)
  3. Add it to our Google Photo Album. You need a Google account to do this.
  4. Old school Email to Be aware, we’ll be publishing it on our site, and on our social media channels!

The winning image will be the banner on our Facebook page and our website homepage for the month. Along with the photo credit so you’ll have full bragging rights!

Images don’t necessarily have to be in-flight or crazy scenic (although those are nice), they can also capture the camaraderie and spirit of our free flight community. If it evokes an emotion, be it awe, inspiration, humour, whatever… submit it!

A few guidelines:

  • By submitting, you are giving us permission to share the image on our website, on the newsletter and on our FaceBook page. You’ll have a photo credit
  • You must have taken the photo, or have permission from the photographer
  • It doesn’t have to be from our region
  • If there are recognizable faces (other than your own) in the image, we need permission from the people in the photo (if they are at a distance, or the face is too small/blurry to be identified, then no worries)
  • While we welcome images from commercial operators, no shameless business plugs please
  • The Director/volunteers of the WCSC will be the unofficial judges