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2015 WCSC Awards

First of all the WSCS board would like to thank the many members and volunteers for their help! It takes a lot of work and time to maintain our sites, establish new ones, communicate with landowners and government, file documents and much more and almost all of this work is done by volunteers.

The WCSC does not have a special award for supportive landowners but this year we would like to especially acknowledge the support of the Wray Family for allowing us the use of their property as an alternate landing field in Pemberton. Without their help our fantastic Mackenzie launches in Pemberton would have been without a place to land during some periods of time this summer.

The WCSC board would like to acknowledge three Pemberton WCSC members for their efforts by presenting the Most Valuable Member Award to Mike Sadan, Hugh Fisher, Scott Flavelle for the many hours spent on securing LZs in Pemberton. The Presidents Cup will be awarded to Al Thielmann for his work establishing St. Benedict launch and his help introducing many pilots to it. The Jennifer Dunkley Memorial Driver of the Year Award goes to John Lyon for his excellent shuttle service in Pemberton and his help to implement WCSC and HPAC site policies. Our WCSC Rookie of the Year is Mourad Meratla from Pemberton.

For the history of WCSC awards check here:


AGM 2015!

Our 2015 AGM took place on November 20 at Seymour’s Pub in North Vancouver. The turn-out was good with lots of lively discussions (and some club-sponsored appetizers were enjoyed).

For the first time in several years we have a majority of new directors on the board! Thanks and welcome to Tyler Gillies (Events/Safety/Comps), Pedro Pedersen (Webmaster) and Paddy Lee (Sites Fraser Valley). Staying on from last year’s crew are Guy Herrington (Membership/Liaison Pemberton), Peter Spear (Membership) and Claudia Schwab (President).

A big thank-you for all their hard work to our outgoing President Tom Martinson, Secretary/Treasurer Mark Carter, Site Director Fraser Valley Andrei Kravchenko, Site Director Pemberton Oni Aho and last but not least to tireless Webmaster Andrew Berkley!

The BC XC league 2015 is now officially finished for the season and the winners will be announced on the forum shortly.

Check back here for some new things to happen soon …. one of the first is the creation of our own WCSC Facebook group.

AGM is on 20 Nov 2015!

The West Coast Soaring Club Annual General Meeting is coming up. It will be at 6pm, Friday November 20, 2015 at Seymour's Pub, 720 Lillooet Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2H5. See the post in the forum. Please consider volunteering for a director's position. The webmaster slot is up for grabs!

28 October 2015: Pemberton update

The SLRD and West Coast Soaring Club have signed an agreement that allows us to once again use the sports / meadows field for landing in. Please follow the rules as we have in the recent past lost this field due to bad behavior of pilots including landing when there are more than 5 people in the sports field or any maintenance going on (please land in the Wray's field then). Do not land in the parking lot. No tandem landings in the sports field (no tandem landings in the Wray's field either!). Thank you to Hugh, Mike, Guy, and Morad for pulling this one together!

28 October 2015: AGM upcoming!

Keep your eyes open for an announcement of the club Annual General Meeting in November. There are lots of spots open on the board that need filling this year: webmaster, secretary, Pemberton sites, president, and Fraser Valley sites. Please consider volunteering!

8 October 2015: Pemberton update

There is a new agreement in negotiation (click here) with the Squamish Lillooet regional district and the village of Pemberton for our use of the Meadows field as a landing field for the flying site in Pemberton. We still do not have access to the School / Meadows field and must land in the alternative Wrays landing zone. Once this agreement is in place, it is very important that all users of the school / meadows field understand the regulations in place. You MUST have HPAC insurance and be a member of the West Coast Soaring Club. You MUST NOT land in the field if there are more than 5 people in the field (excluding paragliders) or if there is maintenance going on. You MUST NOT land commercial or non-commercial tandems there. Please do not jeopardize our Pemberton flying site by not following the rules.

Updates: 11 March 2015!

The reserve clinic was fun and successful! As usual there were a few reserves found to be in an unuseable / badly packed state. Please be aware of your equipment and seek assistance if you do not feel confident in the state of your gear. Also, rumour has it the XC season is almost upon us! Some excellent days of flying in the Fraser Valley this March so far! Don't forget to join the club if you haven't before you start flying! See you in the sky!

Reserve Clinic: March 7th 2015

Will be at the Kent Elementary School at 7285 McCullough Road in Agassiz from 9AM - 2PM. $40 fee. See this post in the forum.

XCanada 2015 is ON!

See this post on the forum about our national XC contest. Also, the BC XC League 2015 is active and waiting for the season to begin.

Pre-season get together 22 Feb 2015

Martina at Jet Set Paragliding is hosting a pre-season get together in Chilliwack on Feb 22. Come sharpen your instrument skills and shoot the breeze about planned XC flights. Also, gear swap!

HAGAR class 3 Jan 2015

It's the deepest part of winter, and XC flying is just a fuzzy dream from ages ago. But, flying education continues: Martina at Jet Set Paragliding is offering a HAGAR course on Saturday January 3rd from 10am-6pm, see HAGAR course page for price and more information.

AGM 2014

The AGM went off without a hitch on November 12th, 2014. Thank you to everyone who came, it was a pleasant evening spent with friends.

A new set of directors were voted in. Thank you to outgoing Pemberton membership director Peyman Imani, and welcome to Guy Herrington who replaces him! The rest of the directors are the same, just one year wiser.

Thank you to HPAC and BCHPA powerhouse Margit Nance for attending and keeping us in the know about progress and issues in Canada.

Our BC XC league is now officially finished for the season, and the scoring site is initialized for the 2015 season.

AGM 2014

The club Annual General Meeting is going to be held on Wednesday November 12th 2014 at the Boathouse Restaurant, 6695 Nelson Ave. West Vancouver BC from 7:00-9:00pm. Please RSVP to Claudia Schwab (email disguised, please undisguise). See forum topic for more information.

Reserve Repack Clinic 2014

The reserve repack is Saturday March 22 2013 from 9AM-2PM at Kent Elementary School at 7285 McCullough Road, Agassiz. See forum posting for details

Events calendar updated

The 2014 events calendar now has dates for many competitions in the upcoming season.

BC XC League - Finished for 2013

Click here for the BC XC League page, and the final standings.

WCSC November 2013 Annual General Meeting - New Board of Directors

Thanks to all who came out to support the club at the 2013 AGM in Horseshoe Bay.
Congratulations to the 2014 board of directors. Thank you for your service!

Fall, and the local flying season slowly ends ...

It's November and the Canadian West Coast flying season is slowly drawing to a close. There are still flights to be had and air hungry pilots are still out there regularly. Snow has already reached the Pemberton lower launch. Many Canadians are heading south for some winter flying or just toughing it out here with memories of the season and the occasional hike and fly to avoid growing roots into the ground.

For winter, snowy hiking and flying can still be found for the adventurous. For the "you want me to carry this bag up what?" crew, the next season will start with several good days in February, then the Fraser Valley cross country flying season is on from March through June tapering into reliably inverted but wonderful summer flying. Pemberton, on the other hand, will have full on cross country conditions from May through August morphing slowly into gentle fall flying.

Next season will have the usual mix of Canadian fun competitions and fly-ins... we'll post them on the events calendar when dates are set: http://www.westcoastsoaringclub.com/events/

Paraglider Simulator

Check out this neat little app, written by our own Peter Spear. See if you can get your glider to tumble!

Click here for the PG Simulator


The club holds a yearly Annual General Meeting sometime in early November. Most club communication occurs through our forum.

Be sure to check the Events Page for the dates, times, and locations of any WCSC meetings. Everyone is always welcome!

Last updated:   19 Jan 2016