Membership Fee Discount

Thanks to your continued support, our club has grown a lot last year. We now have more than 200 annual members including a whopping 172 regular members, which is a huge increase from 126 regular members in 2018, and 118 regular members in 2014.

Seeing this growth, for the next season we decided to provide a 50% discount to all regular members. So instead of $80 the discounted regular membership fee is now only $40. This is effective now and until the 2020 AGM.

Whether we will keep this pricing in 2021 will be decided at the 2020 AGM. The optimal membership fee depends on our numbers – the more members we have, the less money each individual member needs to contribute to cover the cost of tenures, events, site maintenance, etc. If 2020 season is as successful as 2019 was, we will be able to maintain this discount into 2021 and beyond.

So, just saying, if you haven’t yet, now is a good time to renew your membership!

If you haven’t attended the 2019 AGM, here is the fine print:

  • This proposal was introduced by the board and was supported by a membership vote
  • Regular membership is discounted 50% off its regular $80 price until the next AGM, at which point we will discuss the results of this experiment and decide on 2021 pricing.
  • All other types of membership fees – student, 25 or under, out of town, etc. – remain the same, as they are already affordable.
  • To be fair to the handful of enthusiastic members who paid $80 for renewal since October 31st, we will soon issue them a $40 refund for the difference.
  • We’ve done the math, and we do not expect a budget deficit even if the next year sees a bit fewer members than 2019. And even if we do get a reasonable deficit, we can weather it as we had an unexpected surplus in 2019 due to membership growth. That said, if a dire need arises, the board retains the authority to stop offering the discount earlier than the next AGM.

We hope to make these lower fees permanent if our membership keeps being so awesome. I think this is very doable. Thanks to local instructors, we had 20 new student members in 2019, which is very promising. It’s amazing to see more people get into this beautiful sport.

Nikita Gazarov
Membership Director
West Coast Soaring Club

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