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IF you like
to support
the club you
can use
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West Coast Soaring Club Online Membership Application

Use this form to apply for club membership, or to renew your existing membership. Fill it out completely, and click the Submit Application

You should already have your HPAC number, or at least have applied for HPAC membership. You can do that online on the HPAC Join / Renew page.

You have the option of paying online (with Paypal) after you submit your application. Payment can also be made at any club meeting, or to any club director in person.

You do not need to be a current Paypal user to pay, nor do you have to sign up for a Paypal account, although you will be given that option as part of the payment process.

When applying or renewing online, you will need to send in a signed waiver.

Your membership will NOT BE VALID without a completed and signed waiver on file with the WCSC. Please print out a copy of the waiver (the 2nd page of the membership application form), fill it out completely, and send it in to the address at the bottom of page 1 of the application.

If you have any problems, comments, or questions about form, your application, the payment process, or anything else, please contact a club director.

Note : If you are renewing an existing membership, you can enter "unchanged" or "same" for any information items that are the same as the previous year.

Items marked with an asterix "*" are required

* Name:
* Last name:
Province or State:
Postal or Zip Code:
* Primary Phone Number:
Alternate Phone Number:
* Email Address:
HPAC Membership Number:
HPAC Expiry Date:
Wing Type:
(Check all that apply)
Wing Model:
Wing Color(s):
Web Forum Name:
(if a registered user)
Radio Call Sign (if certified):
School or Instructor (optional):
Check the following to NOT
list on the WCSC Website:
Phone Call Sign Email
* Emergency Contact Person:
* Phone Number:

* Membership Type (Check one only):
($80.00) Regular Annual Membership - for residents 26 Years or older of WCSC region *
($25.00) Regular Annual Membership - for residents 25 Years or younger of WCSC region *
($40.00) Out-Of-Town Annual Membership - for proven non-residents of WCSC region *
($20.00) 1 - Month Temporary Membership - for anyone
($10.00) 1 - Day Temporary Membership - for anyone
($10.00) Student Annual Membership - for 1st year PG and HG student pilots **

* Landing Pass Type (Check one only)

NOTE: For the year 2018 there is not Landing fees required.

Regular Annual Woodside Pass - for residents of WCSC region *
Out-Of-Town Annual Woodside Pass - for proven non-residents of WCSC region *
1 - Month Temporary Woodside Pass - for anyone
Student Annual Woodside Pass - for 1st year PG and HG student pilots **
No Landing Pass required

* Payment Type: Paypal Cash Cheque
Other comments or questions?
* Do you have your completed,
signed, and witnessed waiver
ready to send in?


* WCSC region encompasses the lower mainland from Pemberton, to Hope, to the US border
** Student rates applicable only for the year in which student commences instruction, not for subsequent years if instruction spans more than one year
  All annual memberships and landing passes valid from November 1st to October 31st
  Membership are NOT VALID unless a completed, signed waiver on file with the WCSC


Last updated: 18 March 2018