Advance LIGHTNESS 3 Safety Notice

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Advance LIGHTNESS 3 Safety Notice

Postby Claudia » Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:15 pm

From the Advance website:

"The new XC light harness has attracted a lot of interest and we have already received much positive feedback. One flying school, however, has informed us that during reserve release tests in a harness hanger they found a configuration in which release is difficult – considerable effort is required. Even though we never encountered this configuration during development, with its extensive testing and countless simulations including in the G-force trainer, we have decided to make a precautionary update to the reserve handle, so that it will even function with this rather unusual circumstance.

All LIGHTNESS 3s delivered from the beginning of 2019 already have the modified reserve handle on the inner container. If your reserve handle does not have the white label, as shown on the picture, it should be exchanged. In this case please contact your dealer. He will install a new inner container with the new handle." ... uktupdate/

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