HPAC request for BC Director Nominations.....

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HPAC request for BC Director Nominations.....

Postby Martin » Sat Nov 03, 2018 7:16 am

If your an HPAC member you "should" have received the Email below (or it went to your spam?).

I could not find anything posted on the HPAC web site for this "critically important role"... (quoting the notice below). Nor did I see anything on our official forums that I could use for a "link" so its just cut and paste of the content that was sent to me.

They are looking for a BC nomination, as far as I know Dennie Shipley from the lower mainland is the only member putting their name forward. I suggest if your interested please have a member put your name forward and or nominate Dennie ?

Nominations close on the 7th...

Martin Henry




Dear British Columbia HPAC Members:

This is a Call for Nominations for Regional Director for British Columbia on the Board of Directors of the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada, in accordance with the policies of our Association (http://hpac.ca/files/sop/200-4_en.pdf).

It is a critically important role, and an enjoyable experience, to take a turn contributing to the sport in Canada at the national level and to work with fellow Directors from across the country. Most important are a passion for the sport and a commitment to take a turn at helping self-govern our sport in Canada.

Prerequisites: Nominees must be current members of HPAC. Nominations can be self-nominations or come from other current members of HPAC. If nominating a fellow pilot, please be sure that that pilot accepts the nomination before submitting their name.
Term of Service if Elected: Two years beginning January 2019.

Role of Board Members: The role of Board member is to represent their region on the HPAC Board as well as to represent and promote HPAC in their region. The Board member works together with other Board members from across Canada in setting national policy for the sport of hang gliding and paragliding in Canada, to protect and grow the sport in Canada, and to oversee the various committees that comprise the Association.

Board members are also expected to attend the Annual in-person Directors Meeting and to contribute expertise to national projects at various points throughout the year.

Nominations close: Wednesday midnight November 7, 2018.

Please send nominations to the Office at this e-mail admin@hpac.ca.

The nominee is asked to write a few lines outlining their expertise, interest and experience with issues affecting the governance of the sport, e.g. safety, instruction, competition etc., and to identify any service experience at the local club or regional level. It would also be helpful for the nominee to indicate if they have had previous experience on a Board, but that is not a requirement. This blurb submitted by the nominee will accompany the election materials that go out to all BC members.

ELECTION: An e-mail election follows this nomination period. If there is only one nominee, then that person will be elected by acclamation.
All communications in this process are entirely confidential and so please do not hesitate to contact any recent or current Director, or me here in the Office, if you have any questions about this nomination process, or about the role of Directors, or time required of this role in our Association.

And Thank You for your consideration of this very important role. It is your Association.
Best regards,

Margit Nance, Executive Director
#2368 PG Master
Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada (HPAC)/
Association Canadienne de vol libre (ACVL)
302 - 5628 Birney Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V6S 0H7 CANADA
Tel: 1-877-370-2078
http://www.hpac.ca http://www.acvl.ca
Email/Courriel: admin@hpac.ca

You are receiving this bulletin as a member of the
Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada/Association Canadienne de Vol Libre

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