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Postby brad » Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:05 pm

Confirmed SIV in Revelstoke 16/17/18 th August, to book your spot email:::revelstokeparagliding
Water is High and spin to win with at least 4000 feet of play time:
Coached by Hillbilly Bill Goglin:
What you get:
Shuttle to Launch
Gondola up the hill
Launch instructor
Hand out of maneuvers to be preformed
De- briefing after maneuvers preformed
If you go swimming nice boat to get you
A discussion before flight on what you want to do:
Fun with Cool Pilots
Rental radios $25 for the day (if you swim and destroy $100
BYO LIfe Jackets
If you swim reserve re-pack $50
Come Fly Revelstoke:
If not in course and you swim $100 Boat Recovery or you drown:
Thanks Brad
Revelstoke Paragliding

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