10th annual Lumby Air Races 2015 News

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10th annual Lumby Air Races 2015 News

Postby Randor » Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:39 am

The 10th annual Lumby Air Races will be held at the Freedom Flight Park during the second week of June and ending with a celebration of Flight Sat June 13th in conjunction with Lumby Days.

Mark your calendars!

Details and registration to follow soon on this event and the Canadian National Hang Gliding Championships as a new LAF website is in process.

For this years L.A.R.....
Expect a fun, relaxed, low key educational type of event open to PG and HG Intermediate and above pilots with a focus on closed circuit 10km, 25 km and 50 km triangle races around the Lumby village and valley. We are considering more days this year and potentially starting on Sunday June 7th and ending with the Sat. night celebration of Flight on Sat. the 13th so people can get home Sunday without a rush, if required.
Scoring will most likely be your best 3 flights over the week, come when you can concept.

Its going to be a FUN Flying Season so please remember to....

Stay Calm
Wait for the Sign
BeBOLD ....and don't be too stupid : )

Randy Rauck
Lumby Air Force

Freedom Flight Park

Lumby BC Canada
250 307 7553

For local area info visit www.LumbAirForce.com

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