Lumby Air Force Seasonal Race Event Winners

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Lumby Air Force Seasonal Race Event Winners

Postby Randor » Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:14 pm

Congratulations to Al Thielmann for winning the fastest 100 km PG triangle race Launching from Coopers near Lumby in 2013. ... 2013/17:53
Prize $166.00

Congratulations also go out to Andrew Berkley for winning the fastest time around the 50 km triangle race launching from Coopers. ... 2013/17:38
Prize $166.00

Both flights were June 10th the day following our annual Lumby Air Races event.

The Lumby Air Force is looking forward to many new records being set in the North Okanagan Valley in 2014 .

The Lumby Air Races Weekend Competition will be on the second weekend in June as usual in conjunction with Lumby Days June 6-8
More info about flying and racing around Lumby BC can be found at and
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